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My wish list for Technology trends in 2014 and beyond

As I mentioned in my previous blog, there are already many predictions and point of views in the market on technology trends and adoptions in 2014. I am reading those reports and articles and agreeing / disagreeing based on my limited knowledge on such futuristic things. I being a hardcore technologist, here is a small wish list which I would like to see in reality in 2014 and beyond.

  1. Online security getting full-proof: Hope to see certain online data security products, techniques and solutions in place for 100% data security. Online presence being norm of life these days and losing personal, financial, professional information to hackers is a big risk.
  2. Public cloud adoption going up: One of the major concerns for public cloud adoption in orthodox industries is data security. Hope to see that concern fading away through strong data protection techniques and cloud providers vouching SLAs and creating reliable partners image.
  3. HTML5 Vs Native apps war getting over: Obviously people will argue that this point is irrelevant. But some standardization around technology stack for mobile apps development would help building mature applications which will really work on *ANY* OS and *ANY* form factor device with equal capabilities.    
  4. Social Media adoption going up: *TRUE* Business use cases will get implemented in public social media sites for benefit of the business and end customers. People will think for social media usage beyond branding, community and marketing purpose. Transactional applications to become widespread.
  5. Analytics become simple topic to discuss and understand: Analytics concepts and techniques to become simple to understand, explain, evaluate and adopt. Tools, techniques, algorithms and Data Science in general expected to become easy to graspJ. More Technologies and products which abstract out lower level details to become available.
  6. Big Data technologies exceeding all the expectations: Unmeasurable quantity of unstructured content being analyzed, converted in wisdom and to be used for real life problem statements. IBM Watson kind of offerings not to be considered as unique offerings anymore.
  7. SOA to be taught in schools: Service orientation to be taught in schools to build foundation of next generation programmers. People are expected to understand basics, techniques, tools at early age and start practicing as soon as they write HelloWorld {}
  8. Wearable computing to remain in its own limits: Wearable computing decided not to hamper vision, hearing, breathing, taste and other basic capabilities of human being. Things which can be done with hand/s are expected to do with hands. For people in extremely critical situation and need gadgets, expectation would be not to do any photography or video shooting in those situations.
  9. Digital World becoming reality: Universities decided to drop “Analog Computing” subject from the curriculum. 2014 onwards everything is Digital including currency, communication, collaboration, etc… People are expected to live in Digital World and maintain their relationships – professional and personal through digital gadgets and means only.
  10. Doctors found cure on Technology Stress: Few Doctors on some island have found cure for “Technology Stress”… At the moment the cost is high and will give additional stress but the cost is expected to reduce in next 5 years 🙂


Once again Happy New Year!!   


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