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Managing New Year Resolutions…

Here is another New Year on our door and many of us are busy planning New Year resolutions including personal as well as professional ones. Many Technologists are busy putting their online calendars and reminders and all set to track their 2014 resolutions seriously. As you know – resolutions without commitment are castles in the air. Here are few thoughts how we can define and manage our resolutions and be committed throughout the year.

  1. Be realistic with your resolutions: Being ambitious is good thing but being realistic is better. Your resolutions and milestones must be achievable in defined time period. Resolutions without concrete milestones die out in weeks or months.
  2. Define short duration milestones: Milestones with short sprints will help keep momentum on. Measurable accomplishments will keep you motivated and inspire to achieve next one on road.
  3. Identify and follow role model: While you can be self-motivated, having some role model to follow would help you keep motivated follow your goals.
  4. Define and follow goals in a small group: Having a small group with common resolutions will help motivating each other. Also it will put some peer pressure on.
  5. Online goals tracking tools: You may want to use goals tracking tools (example http://www.joesgoals.com/) to track your progress. Though it is not a must thing, but will help find your consistency and will be able to share your goals and progress with friends.

Wish you all very Happy New Year!



  1. Pinaki Guha says:

    I agree on the goal tracking. Setting the goal is one part of it. The other critical part is to track and review the progress in regular basis.

    One thought … we may set an hour in a week (what about Sunday evening?) to 1. verify what has worked and what not 2. Praise ourselves a little if we are on track in this week 🙂 3. Plan any remediation or do any tuning to our approach for the next week if results are not satisfactory.

    Also, setting one or two goals (may be one work-related and other personal) that are most important to us may be much better than setting too many goals and trying to achieve them all.

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