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What Technology community can learn from 2013?

  1. Before you deploy application into production, you need to carry out thorough performance testing. You cannot guarantee your application behavior and perform if you have not performance tested it thoroughly.
  2. There is high possibility that your social media website can make money. Facebook and Twitter already demonstrated it.
  3. BYOD is reality now. You have to accept it and instead of worrying for your corporate policies and data, make sure you fine tune those to adopt BYOD full heartedly.
  4. Online security is still a concern. Data theft and privacy breach are major aspects to look at in years to come.
  5. Big Data and Big Data based business Analytics are not just in theory anymore. In some domains availability of appropriate use cases, availability of volume of data and availability of adoption apatite are still concerns though.
  6. Innovation in mobile hardware is still in progress. Form factors, shapes, aesthetics, colors and prices based on hardware based innovation will continue to be discussed.
  7. Native applications Vs HTML 5 technology options are still aggressively being discussed in many technology forums. It will be topic for discussion in next year too.
  8. Orthodox industry verticals are still orthodox in adopting public cloud. GRC and Data security are primary considerations and they remained critical and hopefully see some light in near future.
  9. SaaS / PaaS based business models are getting better attention now and new offerings are on rise.
  10. Internet turned 30 years old this year. We can expect improved maturity with individual responsibility going forward.


  1. Balaji Varadarajan says:

    Copule which I thought may be considerd

    1. Credibility of open source frameworks is increasing and orthodox industry verticals are started exploring/implementing them to minimize their Cost Of Ownership
    2. High performance system components/services are expected to respond in micro seconds than mille seconds to sustain the business competitions

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