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How safe your online passwords are?

Trustwave recently reported that around 2 million passwords are hacked and 1.6 million are from websites including Facebook, Yahoo, Google and Twitter. The question is who we should blame for this hacking… Should we blame hackers who do this crime or blame people who do not take care of their own passwords. The blame goes to both. Password protection is critical and it starts with setting the right password with appropriate complexity. From the online safety perspective, I am thinking of a list of best practices and certain commonsense tips. These tips can be followed both by by the beginners  and  expert Internet users as well.  Here are few commonsense tips to start with:

1. Have your passwords with combination of (UPPER CASE Characters + lower case characters + numbers + special characters)

2. Do not use your or family members name or birth date as a password

3. Do not use any dictionary word

4. Change your password every month or so. Do not append your previous password with just one or two characters. Create new one.

5. Many sites detect your passwords complexity level. Set passwords where the sites sense the complexity level as high

6. Considering the hackers intelligence level, have your passwords length of 8-10 characters + numbers + special characters

7. Have separate password for your major internet based accounts.

8. ??.

What other advice do you have to make this list bigger?



  1. Balaji Varadarajan says:

    Some I can think of

    1. Don’t you the same password for more than one account
    2. Don’t use “Remember Password” option in the web
    3. Make sure the website uses https:// during the authentication
    4. Make use of virtual keyboards instead of physical keyboards to enter password
    5. Don’t store you credential information in your emails
    6. Avoid unnecessary website registrations and make sure you use a bread new password if at all you have to
    7. Make sure to have an anti-malware in your PC

  2. reachselva says:

    By looking at this growing list, I am sure some more will get added in future based on the tampering and even sometimes we forget what the password we used for some of the sites.
    I guess there is a need to find a better tamper proof solution to verify the user identity and authenticity via one secutity gateway. I would call that as “ONE PASSWORD” or “THAT’S ME”.

    • swarrajk says:

      Right and there are sophisticated solutions available for such purpose. The list we want to prepare should be common subset which can work across all online websites.

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