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iPhone 5c – Adding colors to the fashion statement!

iPhone 5c – Adding colors to the fashion statement!

Apple makes news for any and every reason – launch of new product, no launch of new product, decreasing the device price and also for not decreasing the price as expected. Last week saw many news articles and here is one more in addition to what you must have seen. (Since many have already talked about this, I will keep it as short as possible).

1. Apple does not care what prices Wall Street expects from it on new devices. iOS Vs Android market share is not a discussion topic anymore. Throughout the world hardware leaders and local manufacturers have adopted Android and iOS is going down every quarter.

Apple OS is not meant for commodity market. It is a premium OS and the buyer will have to pay right price to own it. So what is the big deal with the price of iPhone 5c ($99.00 w contract)? Apple knows where the market is and they should not worry about market share. iPhone is owners delight so buyers should buy it than worrying about who owns the market.

2. iPhone 5C with added colors can become relatively affordable fashion statement and will be popular amongst young generation. When you buy a device you mainly look for 3 attributes – i. stylish look ii. Better OS and iii. Value for money. And iPhone 5c has all these attributes.
Pew research center study says that “81% of Americans ages 25-34 own smartphones vs. 18% ages 65 and older”. And obviously this generation will look for these attributes

(source: Pew research Center)

3. Color has been a tool of expression – with 5 cool colors without sacrificing the reliability; this phone would become a popular toy matching your outfits.

4. Piper Jaffray’s 25th bi-annual teen survey says “48% of U.S. teens own an iPhone. 62% plan to buy one”

5. New operating system iOS 7 and cool features: Control center can help you “do what you want to do – quick”, notification center to let you know what you are expected to do today, multitasking – it knows what you want to do before you do, camera features, photo collections, airdrop to share photo, video or contact with someone next to you, iTunes radio, enhance Siri features, improved security features, BYOD features for businesses, and many more to attract young generation and make this a true fashion statement.

6. Will iPhone 5c become threat to smart watch? Probably yes as the price is attractive and with nice features it can be direct competition to smart watch business.

7. What about iPhone 5s? I think market is tired with high end devices now. Biometric security and 64 bit processor, etc are all nice features but are we ready for those high end devices – I doubt. Probably with high speed computing power, these small gadgets can become gaming consoles and fast business processing tools but it will take some time.

8. As the bandwidth costs are going down and more and more service providers are bringing in attractive family plans, parents would prefer $99 smartphone for their family member and 5c would become popular gadget soon.

9. Will this help Apple to regain their market share? Probably yes – probably not. As mentioned above Apple should maintain their “premium” OS / device position and not worry about their market share. They are already shipping their 700 MM device (so what they are behind 1 billionth Android device) soon and hopefully will cross billions mark with 5c.

10. Growing markets like India and China have tough competition from Android and local manufacturers. Along with iPhone 5c, Apple must think something creative to penetrate those markets.

Do you have any other point of view? Please let me know.

Note: All these blog posts and views mentioned in my personal blog are my own and NOT of my current and previous employers. I am NOT representing any of my organizations through this blog. This blog is just for sharing my findings based on publicly available information related to interesting things happening in Technology area.



  1. punitganshani says:

    Not saying that iOS / iPhone is not a good product but does keeping high price is the only criteria to be called as ‘premium’ product? I have few Apple, Droid and WP devices. Most of the features flashed as new releases in iPhone have been in other phones 1+ year ago. Also, considering the time to market and a fallen the innovation index I don’t know what is new for which the buyer is paying an extra pound?

  2. swarrajk says:

    Well, the premium price is not just defined on the features. If you take off technologist hat and wear marketing hat, you will get what I am saying…

  3. iPhone 4S is awesome works perfectly. I just bought new protector. Wonderful article!

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