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What is your (primary) Digital Identity?

What is your (primary) Digital Identity?

According to Wikipedia, Digital Identity is a concept that prevails in the domains of cyberspace and is defined as a set of data that uniquely describes a person or a thing (sometimes referred to as subject or entity) and contains information about the subject’s relationships to other entities.

There are many concepts and attempts to define and identify person or entity in unique way, but the task is next to impossible. There are few unique characteristics though which can be considered to identify role the person is playing in the cyberspace. Here are few of these unique characteristics. Obviously, people may carry multiple identities and use one in given context but most of them have basic specific unique characteristic.

What primary digital identity you carry?

Note: All these blog posts and views mentioned in my personal blog are my own and NOT of my current and previous employers. I am NOT representing any of my organizations through this blog. This blog is just for sharing my findings based on publicly available information related to interesting things happening in Technology area.



  1. prane67 says:

    thers is another concept called one’s “social capital” and i feel that is closely related to one’s “digital identity”. what say?

  2. swarrajk says:

    Yes, those are closely related with each other. Digital Identities with “active contribution to the social media for social benefit will build “Social Capital” whereas Identity with “criticism” just for the sake of criticism will perish the “Social Capital”… Also using this type of “Capital” will not make someone poor but not using in right sense will for sure 🙂

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