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Apple WWDC 2013 and possible announcement of iRadio

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) is starting on Monday 10th June, 13. As expected Mr. Cook will announce few important products, feature and releases. Lots of expectations from this conference but the major question is “Is Apple market leader anymore or it lost the steam (also known as Jobs magic) and now just the market follower”.

iRadio is streaming music service and will act as extension of iTunes.Apple recently got into agreement with Universal Music and Warner Music but for the end user this music streaming is FREE as it is supported through advertising. Based on user’s preferences the iRadio will stream music on the devices.

Google is already ahead of this offering through their “All Access” service with ~$10.00 /month cost and has collection of more than 20MM songs. Pandora, Spotify and other small / medium size players are already in the market for long time. So the big question is what will be the difference between Apple iRadio and other players. I hope being “cost-free” should not be the only difference and it need to be really innovative to attract true music lovers to the cool Apple devices and this offering.

Also my other question would be what this iRadio will be called in Ireland as they already have their regional radio station -iRadio.

In case you are interested in Apple WWDC announcements, stay tuned at https://developer.apple.com/wwdc/videos/


And yes, Apple announced iRadio (or whatever)… According to Mr. Cook, “It’s the best way to discover new music”… music with ads (huh, never thought of getting distracted with noisy ads when enjoying divine music) is FREE and if you are iTune subscriber ($~25 / month) then you can listen to music without ads… What is innovative in this?





  1. Kailas Tare says:

    I hope Apple has lots of innovation in the works. Making things easy and attention is what Apple brings to the table. I am excited to what’s new in WWDC.

  2. Dinkar Gupta says:

    Wish they become more open than going towards another Microsoft like closed system.. On innovations side, it would be interesting to see if they plan to create something “glass” shattering 😉

  3. swarrajk says:

    Here is other link where you can watch live blog updates from the conference…

  4. Kevin Haiduk says:

    IHeartRadio, Pandora, even appw like TunedinRadio are already well established apps. Not sure what value add this gives Apple customers. This will probably go over as well as their maps application.

  5. swarrajk says:

    And Apple also announced other products in its Worldwide Developer Conference. It announced OS X Mavericks (I don’t know why they named in “Mavricks” though), iOS 7 (need to check how it would change how we write applications), iTunes Radio (I don’t know what innovation they seen in this:) ), new MacBook Air and Mac Pro

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