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Now Kids too can do programming in cloud

MIT Media lab came up with Scratch 2.0 last month, which is a collaborative environment for coders and community in cloud. So now parents or kids do not need to download or upload their programs and through browsers can interact and collaborate with each other easily. It seems the Scratch team worked over 3000 plus suggestions and design ideas from the community. Also they have added new blocks like surveys and integration with webcams. (http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2013/scratch-two-released-0514.html).

Though Scratch is meant for kids, parents find it very interesting too. I have developed few programs in previous versions of Scratch and am excited to play with Scratch 2.0 and look at new blocks especially. I spent few minutes with 2.0 and came up with version of butterflies having fun (http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/10591345/).. Have a look at it….

For my friends who have not yet played with Scratch:

Gen-X started coding relatively at later stage of their life through dry / unattractive development environments and editors (Sorry but it is a fact). The new generation is lucky to have GUI / WYSIWYG editors and also lots of context sensitive help around. Still it is little difficult for kids to grasp logical constructs and form a working program. MIT Media Lab came up with Scratch in 2007 to help kids understand the programming concepts in simpler way and help them build the program through graphical blocks than writing coding lines. Kids can assemble graphical blocks to create animated stories and games in simpler way. (http://scratch.mit.edu/parents/)



  1. Sandeep Deb says:

    How do you feel about the vintage kids programming environment MSW Logo? I somehow find Logo much more gratifying to teach with..

    • swarrajk says:

      MSW Logo is nice, too. From kids side I still find it difficult to keep track of instructions (FD, RT, LT, BK) and concentrate on logic building. Also the LOGO development environment needs to be kids friendly.

  2. Sandeep Deb says:

    Okay, just played with it and like this new avatar of Scratch.. cool stuff. Like the new blocks and performance wise it’s really good.

  3. Kedar Dhopeshwarkar says:

    Interesting. Need to explore

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